[ZIP] MIUI 12 EU ROM with Google apps (WEEKLY RELEASES)

Download first MIUI 12 EU with Google apps (update by Xiaomi.eu). You can install them using TWRP recovery!

Code for TWRP:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot boot twrp.img

Download MIUI12 EU for Xiaomi devices (includes Google apps) WEEKLY 21/05/2020

Download MIUI12 EU for Xiaomi devices (includes Google apps) WEEKLY 30/04/2020

Installation via TWRP (Clean flash)

CHANGELOG 21/05/2020

New - New bootanimation (Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi Mix 2S, Redmi Note 7, Mi CC9, Mi CC9 Pro)
Optimization - Update Android Security Patch to May 2020 (most of devices)

Lock screen
Fix - Removed characters limit on Lock screen owner info option

Fix - Manually set permissions were not applied correctly

New - New style of floating notifications (Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Mi 9)

Fix - Removed Chinese payment methods from Scanner settings

Fix - Couldn't configure custom days to add as rule on DND mode

Fix - The "Block" option was missing in Call log entries context menus

Fix - Couldn't swipe left/right to mark as read or delete SMS on main view

Data usage
Fix - "Data usage notification" toggle wasn't visible (now it'll be visible when Control center is disabled)

New - New app version for some devices which didn't have it before (e.g. Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, Mi Mix 2S)
New - Clones feature (Mi 9, Mi 9 Pro 5G, Redmi K30, Redmi K30 5G, Redmi K20 Pro)
New - Kaleidoscope mode (Mi 9, Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K30)

New - New app version
Fix - Fix known issues

CHANGELOG 30/04/2020

NOTE: You need to install MIUI 12 separately. Updating from MIUI 11 will not work on these builds.

New - Dark mode 2.0 (automatically adjust font weight and contrast depends of conditions)
New - New layout of almost views
New - New animations
New - Floating windows
New - More focus on privacy (virtual ID, permissions control, notifications about using permissions)

Notification bar
New - Now you can choice between 2 views (swipe from upper left to open notification bar, from upper right to open Control center - toggles view) or old style ("Use Control center" option disabled)

New - Control center with new toggles view

Screen time
Optimization - Visual changes, new layout

New - New app version - only on selected devices (on all devices until end of May)

New - You can generate QR code on the settings
New - You can turn on Scanner history

Home screen
New - Floating windows

New - Promotional messages are grouped according to their content now
New - New layout of "New message"

New - New layout

New - More sky filters
New - Transitions on video editor

New - You can search events now
New - UI designed for vertical and horizontal views

New - Mew design
New - Dark mode support
New - Support for Xiaomi Watch as data source

App vault
New - You can see percentage of connected Bluetooth devices

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