How to Maintain Your Washing Machine Correctly?

How to Maintain Your Washing Machine Correctly?

The washing machine is one of the integral home appliances in today’s world. There are very few who don’t possess a washing machine at home. The machine provides clean, dry, and neat clothes. Sometimes, it just takes an ounce of effort to pay back the machine for the kind of applaudable work it delivers. In case, you don’t maintain your washing machine properly, then you will have to pay a huge price for it by paying the service professional and incur major losses to the machine.

Wash the machine

It is not just enough to make use of the washing machine for washing your clothes. You must also keep in mind that if you don’t wash your machine using the particular washing powder often, a lot of dust and dirt end up getting clogged in the machine.

Clean the door and open occasionally

It is best to keep the door of the washing machine open for a few times a day during the load. This avoids bad odor getting built inside the machine.

Be careful with detergent

Not all kinds of detergent go well with all kinds of the washing machine. When you use the wrong powder for the wrong washing machine, then you end up damaging the clothes as well as the machine.

Distance between wall and machine

Make sure there is at least a four-inch distance between the wall of the machine and the hose pipe. When the distance is too less, then it might lead to the kinking of the hose pipe which obstructs the flow of water. When you decide to go for a washing machine on rent in Hyderabad, then it is one of the most important things you need to look into.

Overloading is not appreciated

When there is a lot of clothes to be washed, then you can load the clothes in two to three cycles. When you overload the machine, then it leads to significant damage to the clothes as well as to the blades of the machine. Just like you don’t overload the refrigerator you had got my refrigerator on rent in Hyderabad, it is vital not to overload the washing machine as well.

Keep replacing the hoses

The hoses of the machine are subjected to severe damage. It is very essential to replace the entire hose to avoid extensive damage to the machine. It is generally suggested to replace the hose every five years.

Place the machine in the proper level

Any machine which is off the kilter tends to vibrate and move across during the spin cycle. If you want to avoid all of these, then you need to turn the wheel in a clockwise direction to lower the level of the washing machine. If you want to increase the level of the washing machine above the floor level, then you have to turn the wheels in an anti-clockwise direction.

These are some of the important maintenance tips one could follow to keep the washing machine in proper working condition. Also, it is suggested to go for maintenance once every year from the brand’s service section you had bought the washing machine.